About Interlab


Interlab is a supplier of laboratory and medical equipment as well as clinical diagnostics in the Baltics. While distributing the production of more than 50 international brands, we offer high-quality products for competitive prices. We provide professional consultations, specify products individually and offer technical support while choosing the best option for each client. Interlab is a brand of UAB Interautomatika, that was created as the company expanded its suppliers and after gathering qualified specialists as their product group managers. This brand is continuing the tradition of supplying high-quality services and offers laboratory and medical instrumentation, products for clinical and veterinary diagnostics, tests for food and beverage quality.


Facilitating the acquisition of high-quality laboratory and medical instrumentation in Baltic regions.


Maintaining quality and efficiency, developing new partnerships, growing and expanding into the international market.

Our values


We are working with internationally leading manufacturers and always aim to offer the highest-quality production.


Constantly updating their knowledge, our Product Group Managers are experienced specialists in their field that can provide valuable technical support.


We value our loyal customers, therefore, are trying to form long-term partnerships and offer exclusive deals to our regular customers.


We are constantly searching for new possibilities, aiming to customize our offers to specific customers and their unique needs.


While constantly following the market news, we aim to offer modern and innovative solutions to our customers.