Chair scales


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External calibration

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  • MCC 250K100M chair scale

    • manufacturer:Kern & Sohn
    • range:250kg
    • readability:0.1kg
    • verification value:0.1kg
    • reproducibility:0.1kg
    • linearity:0.1kg
    • temperature:0 ÷ 40°C
    • weighing plate:360 x 390mm
    • verification:yes
      • dimensions:625 x 990 x 985mm
    • MCB 300K100M chair scale

      • manufacturer:Kern & Sohn
      • range:300kg
      • readability:0.1kg
      • verification value:0.1kg
          • temperature:5 ÷ 35°C
          • weighing plate:380 x 360mm
          • verification:yes
            • dimensions:674 x 860 x 910mm
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          Interlab offers two types of wheelchair scales – platform scales with integrated ramps for easy access to wheelchairs, or wheelchairs with integrated weighing scales. Both methods are reliable and work great for measuring the weight of the disabled, elderly or overweight people. Mobile and stationary scales comply with the reiquirements of professional medical scales and standards such as 93/42/EEC. Contact us and Interlab’s professional product group managers will help you choose the right solution.

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