Circulation chillers

Cirkuliaciniai aušintuvai Interlab

We supply high-quality LAUDA – GFL circulation chillers up to 10 kW for laboratory or up to 336 kW for industrial applications. The main product lines Microcool, Ultracool and Variocool offer individual technical and design properties, therefore they can be adapted and better served in different spheres.

  • Variocool’s main advantages include „smart cook“ an energy-efficient system, an integrated programmer for reduced operator time, and an integrated approach to optimize pressure and flow for a variety of applications.
  • Microcool has features such as big display and a user-friendly interface, automatic on and off switch, as well as magnetically connected vacuum pump that maximizes reliability.
  • Ultracool circulation chiller is designed for industrial circulation and temperature control. Ultracool is made in a way that will serve bigger scale process cooling applications. Wheels for easier relocation, internal access to pressure and flow management, a robust housing fit for outdoors, integrated server for remote control via a smartphone, and many more advantages are inherent to Ultracool circulation chillers.

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