Interlab Shakers from manufacturers IKA, Lauda, Biosan, Nuve, Pol-Eko, JP Selecta

Shakers are used in medical examinations, biotechnology, biochemistry, microbiology, bacteriology, virology, hematology, and physiology of coagulation. Common uses of shakers include:

  • Preparation of sample during water analysis
  • Mixing of suspensions or materials with different density
  • Homogeneous mixing and intensive gas exchange
  • Mixing precipitation in centrifugal tubes
  • Reproduction of aerobic organisms
  • HIV tests
  • Allergen testing

The effect of shaking on the medium depends on the type of shaking, orbital diameter, and speed range. Interlab offers a wide range of mufflers from the manufacturers IKA, LAUDA, Biosan, Nuve, Pol-Eko Aparatura, and J.P. Selecta.

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