Germidical UV lamps

Germicidal UV lamps Interlab

Germicidal UV lamps offer a comfortable and reliable way of destroying microorganisms indoors. Disinfection by ultraviolet light is a known method and has been used for a while now. But our partners FAMED offer a modern solution that allows people to be in a room during the disinfection. MEDIVENT antibacterial UV lamp sucks in the contaminated air, disinfects it by UV rays, and returns the clear, disinfected air. Because there is no direct contact with the UV rays, people in the room are safe and unaffected by them. 

We offer four versions of MEDIVENT:

  • MEDIVENT 60W – wall-mounted airflow germicidal lamp with 2 lamps x30W;
  • MEDIVENT 60F – mobile air-flow germicidal lamp with 2 lamps x 30W;
  • MEDIVENT 110W – wall-mounted air flow germicidal lights with 2 lamps x 55W.
  • MEDIVENT 110F – mobile airflow germicidal lights with 2 lamps x 55W.

Contact us and our competent product group managers will help you choose the best option for you.