Magnetic stirrers

Magnetines maišyklės Interlab

Manufacturer IKA‘s magnetic stirrers are some of the most popular laboratory stirrers worldwide. A wide range of magnetic stirrers is able to withstand various loads, with and without heating capability. Used with either open or closed containers, IKA magnetic stirrers are able to easily perform even complex tasks. For example, they regulate the temperature accurately and efficiently with the help of a contact thermometer. Also, magnetic stirrers allow you to turn a way to synthesize up to 36 dishes at a time. IKA stirrers require 25% less energy than other manufacturers’ products. IKA devices are environmentally friendly and energy-saving. The development of IKA’s magnetic stirrers focuses on functionality, safety, and longevity. Interlab also supplies magnetic stirrers of manufacturers 2mag, J.P. Selecta, and Witeg. Modern and functionally designed stirrers can be optionally coated with ceramics or stainless steel. These tools have an internal case (AISI304) that works as an insulator and splash protection. All magnetic stirrers of J.P. Selecta have protection against raising above a pre-set maximum temperature.

Consult with us! Interlab’s product group managers are competent and professional specialists of magnetic stirrers and other laboratory equipment, therefore, are able to help you find the right product from our huge supply.