Water purification systems

Stakpure vandens gryninimo sistemos. Interlab - oficialus tiekėjas Lietuvoje.

Our suppliers stakpure and Biosan offer high-quality water purification systems, suitable for work in laboratories, medical applications, and industry. Pure and ultrapure water systems provide the necessary solution for each task, as well as, comply with international water standards, such as ASTM, CLRW (CLSI), DIN EN, ISO 15883, and 285. From ion exchange filters to complicated pure water system analysis and applications in life science.

In the current coronavirus crisis, ultra-pure water has become even more important than ever, as RT-PCR analysis may provide reliable results only with type I ultrapure water. Reacting to the situation, Interlab, in partnership with stakpure, is now giving an even faster and more efficient service than before. Contact us for a quotation!