Magnetic stirrers

Interlab magnetinės maišyklės iš gamintojų 2mag ir IKA.

Magnetic stirrers are commonly used in laboratories and consist of a rotating magnet or a stationary electromagnet, that creates a swirling magnetic field. Commonly used in chemistry and biology, magnetic stirrers are quiet, long-serving and efficient. One of the main benefits of a magnetic stirrer is the rapid pace of stirring, created by the rotating magnet (or several magnets).

Interlab offers a wide variety of magnetic stirrers and distributes the production of suppliers, such as 2mag, Biosan, or IKA.

Before purchasing a magnetic stirrer, you should consider several details, such as the heat output and range, regulating temperature, capacity, speed, and other factors. Stirring bars can be of various shapes and sizes – round, ball-shaped, oval, rectangular, or other variations. The right shape for you will depend on your requirements, therefore it is important to consider the aspects below:

  • The volume of the fluid
  • The vessel shape and opening size
  • Internal drive magnet size
  • Stir bar material construction 

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