Heating plates

Interlab hot plates - manufacturers IKA, JP Selecta, Witeg and more.

Interlab‘s partners IKA, J.P. Selecta, and witeg offer high precision and safe hot plates, made from glass ceramics. Heating plates are part of elementary laboratory instruments, mostly used for heating with precise temperatures in chemistry and biology. IKA‘s hot plates offer a high level of protection, as they have a fixed safety chain, hot-top indicator, and the ability to display an error when it occurs. Electrical contact thermometers may be connected for high accuracy of temperature control. We offer hot plates with magnetic stirring as well, which allows samples to simultaneously be heated and stirred. Functionality, safety, and longevity are the main goals of IKA heating plates. Interlab‘s product group managers are professionals in laboratory equipment and are able to help the client choose the right product for them. Contact us and get the best offer for hot plates.